Let’s do it because they are also doing it | The Highest Level Of Illiteracy

The Food Chain

Everyone is pressurized by someone, either it is the boss or the employee, student or a teacher, a soldier or a general or a common man or the prime minister. Everybody is part of a food chain but that chain is round. So, none of us is at the top. So, all of us run the system. Even if it is the whole country or a small company. Each one of us is responsible. So, we cannot only blame one person for a loss. aaa1

It starts from us



Before complaining about something, ask yourself ” Do I contribute to it ? or Can I take a step against it ? or I will only complain sitting uselessly.

Basically, I mean that people nowadays are always criticising other people and discussing the mistakes of others while they also do it daily. They expect everyone else to change and say ”  Everyone else is doing it so what change will come if only I stop doing it ?

A wise man once said ” The first step towards success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself. 

The time will come when everybody would have changed but somebody has to take the first step. But that first step which is ” refusing what the society says, tolerating peer pressure and the biggest of all ‘ Going against yourself ‘ ”  is extremely difficult. But once you have taken it the world will follow you.

As a wise man said ” If you cannot find a good person, then be one “

Let’s do it because others are doing it


Why are humans the best creation of God ? Because they have intelligent brains. But still many people don’t use it. Use your minds ! Use your analogy ! Think !

Mostly people follow bad habits and practices because of illiteracy. They believe what they are told and they actually don’t understand the negative outcomes of it. Or they are too afraid to go against their society, ‘ Illiterate society ‘. They have the mindset that ” Let’s do it because everyone else is doing it. ” We don’t progress due to this problem as :

  • The main reason of smoking among  people is usually peer pressure. They say ” My friends do it so why shouldn’t I ? ” or ” Smoking is a good thing. It doesn’t cause diseases. If it was a dangerous thing, why did people ever start smoking ? ” . They don’t know what lung cancer is and even if they know they will do it because others are doing it.
  • If a man throws litter somewhere, everyone else also starts throwing garbage their and in no time it becomes one big smelly pile of plastic bags, dirt and crap releasing harmful gases in the environment. And then they put the full blame of it on the government. And they say “Nothing will change if I just throw a wrapper here”.  But the problem is that every single of us thinks that and in the end it becomes a permanent spot for throwing garbage.
  • Even the mindset ” Nobody is doing it so why should I ? ” is harmful for the community. If you don’t pray or don’t support the right thing and stand for it because your friends are not doing it then there is no need of your education.
  • They are hundreds of cases similar to these but I cannot list them all here but my main aim was to give you a push to think about this and start changing yourself. Think about the wrong things you do in a day and start trying to change them.

Our individual contribution is vital in progress of a team, company or a country. Leaders come from us and if we all are good, our leaders will surely be honest.

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